Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips Classic and VCut TVC
Jack 'n Jill Potato Chips Classic and VCut is here to excite our consumers! Made from 100% real potatoes and bursting with flavor, we're guaranteed to provide that Real Potato Excitement that you're looking for!
Wafrets Brix "Camping" TVC
Wafrets newest campaign: Basta Wafrets, Panalo!
Ang Favorite Cookie Mo!
Some of the best things in life don't need any explanation. Just like a natural high, you can't explain why you are happy when you are with your best friend, why you are in love with someone or why your favorite things make you happy. Presto is everyone's favorite cookie sandwich. The delicious taste of Presto is like a happy pill that gives a feeling of glee in every bite.
Cream-O "Stash" TVC
Cream-O's newest campaign: Happiness of Cream-Oholics!
Presto "Besties" TVC
Presto Hugs: The best talaga ang yakap ng mga paborito mo!
Magic Creams "Watiz" TVC
Kiligin sa dalang "SURPRISE" ni Magic Creams and JLC.
Magic Flakes "Watiz" TVC
Siguradong gaganda ang araw mo sa "SURPRISE" na dala ng Magic Flakes and ni JLC
Magic Chips "Watiz" TVC
Iba talaga ang hatid na "SURPRISE" ng Magic Chips and JLC!
Quake Overload "Line" TVC
INTENSE talaga ang first love parang first bite ng Quake Overload Caramel Craze!
Enjoy That Cloud 9 Moment
Chocolate, nougat, and nuts. All combined to make a little Cloud 9 celebration in every bite.
Live to Feel with B'lue
It's time to discover the unique experience with B'lue.
The #BestoPotato is finally here
Find out how we choose the #BestoPotato for our besto snacks.
Happy Thoughts of a Cream-Oholic
Keep your thoughts happy and indulge in the sweet goodness of Cream-O.
Things To Do During your Piattos Time
There are a million and one ways to enjoy Piattos time and whatever you choose, you know you've never had it this good.
Great Taste White: The White Coffee We Super Like
There's good coffee, then there's Great Taste coffee.
Live the Nova Life
With Nova, you can have it all.
There's Nothing Like Magic
Flakes, Chips or Creams, there's nothing like Magic.
Jack n Jill Knots "Group Creations"
Let imagination fly now, let fantasy run free! Go ahead and let it take you anywhere you want to be. Go ahead create and see with Jack n Jill Knots!