Branded Consumer Food Group URC is the leading branded convenience food and beverage company in the Philippines, and a major player in the Southeast Asian region and greater China.
URC International URC has a strong foothold in the countries it presently operates in the Asean region including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, HongKong, Singapore and Vietnam.
URC Sugar Division URC Sugar Division provides sugar cane milling and refining services, trades raw sugar and sells refined sugar and molasses.
URC Flour Division URC Flour Division is one of the top flour millers in the country, and produces and sells Hard and Soft Wheat Flour to both commercial and institutional accounts.
URC Packaging Division URC Packaging Division produces and sells a wide range of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, primarily used for packaging of various consumer products.
Agro-Industrial / Robina Agri Partners URC's Agro-Industrial Group is engaged in a wide range of industries including the production and distribution of animal feeds, glucose and soya products, hog and poultry farming, and production and distribution of animal health products.

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