"Kabalikat sa Pag-Unlad": A Farmer's Partner in Progress

URC's Agro-Industrial Group (AIG), consolidated under Robina Agri Partners (RAP), initiated the Kabalikat Program in a bid to transform the lives of people in our host communities. The program leverages on AIG's expertise in farming operations to teach locals proper hog raising and other farming practices. It is part of URC's thrust to promote training, lifelong learning, and livelihood opportunities.

We leverage our expertise in farming operations to forward URC's thrust of promoting training, lifelong learning and livelihood opportunities.


AIG's Kabalikat Program, which started in June 2014 with the Uno+ Kabalikat Farms (Kfarms), provides farmers, especially hog raisers, knowledge on the latest farming technology and management practices.

The program hinges on the principles of being a "kabalikat" (partner), both to our consumers through the promise of "kalidad" (quality), and to our partner farmers through "kita" (profit). Through the Kabalikat Program, we demonstrate that AIG is not just an ordinary supplier of quality feeds and veterinary medicine, it is also a "kabalikat sa pag-unlad" (partner in progress).

Managed by the Marketing Team of AIG, the program was initally conceptualized as a brand-building program which, through community engagement, created positive learning experiences for the farmers and their local communities. Through their testimonials, our partner farmers themselves become AIG's brand ambassadors.

Our partner farmers are chosen based on their openness to accept and share best practices to improve the productivity and profitability of their pig farms. We impart end-to-end knowledge about hog raising: from breeding (i.e., selection of breeders, insemination systems), to fattening (i.e., feeding program, cleaning management, record- keeping system), down to the appropriate meat production standards.

We also teach our partner farmers bio-security systems so that they can protect their animals against diseases or harmful biological agents; this, in turn, also ensures that their meat products are clean and safe for human consumption.

Knowledge transfer is done through lectures and discussions with AIG personnel and through hands-on training and on-site practice in AIG farms. AIG technicians also conduct weekly monitoring to ensure the continuous learning of our partner farmers, and to also motivate them to implement the best practices they just learned.

Over the course of three years, the program has helped improve the performance of its partner farms.


By 2016, the program has grown to include almost 200 Kfarms, and has helped increase the number of hog raisers nationwide. This nationwide reach was made possible through the Barangay Uno+ Hog Farms, the Barangay Supremo Gamefowl Farms, and the Kabalikat Poultry Farms, with plans to further expand the program’s reach through partners for Top Breed Dog Meal and Robina Farms Premium Farm Products.

Over the course of three years, the program has helped improve the performance of its partner farms. Majority of the Kfarms has since expanded their farm population, and improved their productivity in terms of their animals’ growth rate and mortality. Overall farm health of the Kfarms has also improved, which in turn promoted health and sanitation practices within the local communities.

Ultimately, the greatest contribution of the Kabalikat Program is the improved lives of hog raisers nationwide.

Since AIG personnel had a direct hand in implementing the program, it also helped AIG improve its own farming operations and practices. For one, AIG can now better monitor its quality and cost parameters. The AIG’s response time to changes in products, services, and even field conditions, such as in the cases of disease outbreaks or competitor activities, has also significantly improved thanks to knowledge gleaned from our partner farmers.

Ultimately, the greatest contribution of the Kabalikat Program is the improved lives of hog raisers nationwide. Thanks to the wide distribution network of the AIG nationwide, hog raisers all over the country now have access to an inclusive, replicable, and sustainable learning and livelihood opportunities.

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