URC has made Nissin's famous cup noodles readily available in the country, through its joint venture Nissin Foods Holdings, Co. Ltd. URC's other noodles business, Payless, which offers value-for-money instant noodles with superior quality at affordable prices, was recently consolidated under the Nissin URC joint venture.

Nissin Cup Noodles

A satisfying cup of noodles that offers superior convenience with its one-step cooking process (just add hot water) and specially-designed ribbing.

Nissin Yakisoba

Delicious Japanese-inspired stir fried noodles that has bold flavors and enticing aroma, and is topped with a generous amount of tasty meat bits and real vegetables.

Payless Instant Mami

The only instant mami that's Rated 11 - with 11 vitamins and minerals that are good for kids.

Payless Xtra big Pancit Canton

Satisfying instant noodles in one extra big pouch that is equivalent to two regular packs.