URC started its successful beverage business with Blend 45 - the first locally manufactured soluble coffee, Great Taste Granules - the first concentrated coffee in the country, and Great Taste 3-in-1 - the first complete coffee mix. A few years ago, URC shook up the market as it introduced C2 Cool & Clean - the first RTD tea entrant in a market significantly dominated by carbonated soft drinks. URC has also expanded its product portfolio by offering juices, water, ready-to-drink coffee, and ready-to-drink chocolate.

URC has tremendously increased its presence in the coffee mixes segment with the unwavering success of Great Taste White. URC aims to keep its leadership in beverages by continuing to innovate and provide game-changer products to the market.

C2 Cool and Clean

A high-quality, ready-to-drink tea beverage boosted with antioxidant-rich "catechins" from green tea leaves, delicately brewed and bottled on the same day.

Great Taste

A long-standing local coffee brand which was first to launch 3in1 coffee, coffee in granules format, coffee in resealable SUP, twin pack and agglomerated 3in1 coffee in bulk pack.

Blend 45

Ang kapeng may mga sangkap na huling-huli ang panlasang Pinoy.

Cream All

The coffee creamer that enhances the taste of any cup of coffee making it full-bodied and creamier.