Piattos is your unique hexagonal fun snack made from 100% potatos adding sparks to fun moments with friends and loved ones

Sea Crunch

Sea Crunch is your seafood snack delight for that guilt free seafood craving

Potato Crisps

Potato Crisps is a quality potato chip with a consistent shape, size and bite in every chip. Indulge in this delightful snack anytime, anywhere


Poppins is your fun loving crunchy cereal snack filled with your favorite cream fillings

Chiz King

Chiz King is a cheese lover's snack without the guilt as it is baked and not fried that delivers your favorite cheese taste in it's unique traingle shape


Dynamite is a refreshing mint candy that enhances your senses with explosion of chocolate inside every candy

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Crunchy is your affordable chocolate enrobed caramel cereal bar conveniently packed individually for that easy quick chocolate fix anytime