URC Flour and Pasta

Universal Robina Corporation is one of the biggest food companies in the Philippines. One of the companies under its umbrella is the Commodity Foods Group, with the Sugar and Flour divisions responsible for the production of flour and sugar as well as sugar milling and refining services.

The URC Flour Division is one of the top flour millers in the Philippines. With plants in Manila and in Davao, the division has a combined milling capacity of 1,250 MT per day. The state-of-the-art flourmills and blending facilities allow the division to manufacture customized products fit to the specific needs of its customers.

Our Products

URC Flour produces imported high quality flour which undergoes a standard milling process to ensure consistent quality. Other product offerings include by-products such as wheat germ, bran and pollard. The division also supplies the local and export flour requirements of the URC Branded Consumer Food Group and URC international. It also toll manufactures pasta noodles for one of the leading fast food chains in the country.

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Whole Grain Wheat Bread

Whole Grain Wheat Bread 400g

Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread is made from natural honey which keeps the loaf moist and maintains its fine texture. It is the healthier option as it provides a high source of fiber.


BAKER JOHN Cinnamon 400g

Your favorite cinnamon bun turned into a loaf. Swirls of cinnamon and raisins will surely surprise you in every bite. It’s perfect on its own.

Classic Classic

600g/400g Classic

Everybody’s favorite classic loaf for breakfast and merienda. Baker John’s white bread has a soft texture with creamy and milky taste that will be loved by all ages!