Branded Consumer Foods Group - Domestic

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) is the leading branded convenience food and beverage company in the Philippines. Touted as the country’s first “Philippine multinational” as it has the widest geographical footprint among local food manufacturers, URC has blazed the trail for the branded foods industry. The company has shaped the competitive landscape of local consumer brands through its innovative products, wide distribution, and high-impact marketing. URC is best known for manufacturing and distributing high-performing products such as Chippy, Nova and other snack foods under the Jack ‘n Jill mega brand, Nissin and Payless instant noodles, as well as Hunt’s tomato-based products.

URC is also a trendsetter in the beverage industry with its coffee and ready-to-drink products. It grew the local non-carbonated beverage market with the successful launch and continuing promotion of C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea. Building on the global trend towards health and wellness, C2 spearheaded the expansion of a new and high-growth segment in the Philippine beverage industry: the green tea segment. URC built on that success with forays into other areas of the non-carbonated beverage market, such as juices, energy drinks, and ready-to-drink coffee, among others.


With a long heritage that began in the 1960s, URC’s snack foods brands are well-loved by generations of Filipinos. Many have grown up with the comforting crunch of “Chippy” and “Chiz Curls”, and today’s young adults have fond memories of eating along to the well-loved “Nips” jingle of days passed. From heritage brands such as these, to newer products such as Magic, Nova, and Dewberry, URC has developed the largest and most diverse portfolio of snackfood products in the Philippines to fill everyone’s snacking needs. And now, the products you grew up with and continue to snack on are all under the “Jack ‘n Jill” megabrand, a name synonymous with consistent quality, great value, and fun.

Savory Snacks

URC is the market leader in savory snacks, and has welcomed Granny Goose snacks into its fold.

Corn Chips: Chippy, Mr. Chips, Taquitos, Tostillas
Natural Potato:Potato Chips, V-Cut
Fabricated Potato: Piattos, Roller Coaster
Extruded / Pelletized: Chiz Curls
Multi-Grain: Nova
Mixed Snacks: Pic-A
Granny Goose: Tortillos, Kornets


URC is one of the leading biscuit producers in the country.

Cookies: Presto, Cream-O, Dewberry
Crackers: Magic Flakes, Magic Creams, Magic Flavors
Wafers: Hello! Coated, Hello! Pipers, Hello! Glazed, Wafrets Sticks
Pretzels: Choco Pretzels, Knots


URC is an innovative player in the cakes category.

Quake Bars
Quake Overload


URC is the market leader in candies.

Hard Boiled: Maxx, Dynamite
Deposited: X.O.
Gummies / Jellies: Jojo Gummies
Lollipops: Star Pops
Marshmallows: Wiggles
Soft: Lush


URC is the market leader in chocolates.

Enrobed: Cloud 9, Big Bang, Chooey, Monster Munch
Panned: Nips

URC has grown the local beverage market by leaps and bounds ever since it produced the first locally manufactured coffee blend, Blend 45, in the 1960s. Other pioneering efforts include Great Taste Granules, the first concentrated coffee in the country, and Great Taste Mixes, the first complete 3-in-1 flavored coffee mix. Recent years have seen the rapid rise of the ready-to-drink tea category, through the launch of URC’s flagship product, C2 Cool & Clean, the first locally-manufactured green tea-based beverage in handy PET bottles.

Expect to see more firsts in beverages, through URC’s innovative products. With its wide array of beverage products, URC can definitely quench anyone’s thirst.

URC participates in strategic segments in the Philippine beverage market that complement its snackfood products.

Ready-to-Drink Tea: C2, Yin Yang
Juices: Refresh Flavored Drinks, Nature's Harvest FAB
Bottled Water: Hidden Spring, Nestle Pure Life
Energy Drinks: Xplode
Pure Coffee: Great Taste Granules, Great Taste Premium
Blended Coffee: Blend 45
Creamer: Cream All
Ready-to-Drink Coffee: Coffee Twist
Instant Coffee Mixes: Great Taste Coffee Mixes
Chocolate Mixes: Choco Lava, Captain Choco

In response to the increasing need for lifestyle conveniences, URC manufactures an array of grocery products that are meant to make daily food preparation easier for Filipinos.

Its Payless brand offers a wide selection of affordable instant noodles in pouches and bowls, in regular and extra big servings. URC has also made Nissin’s famous pre-flavored noodles readily available in the country, through its joint venture with Nissin Japan.

URC’s joint venture with Hunt-Wesson Inc. has provided mothers with handy kitchen helpers in the form of tomato-based products such as pasta sauces and tomato sauce, as well as its market leading Pork and Beans.


URC manufactures and markets instant noodles in pouches and cups through its brand, Payless.

Pouch Noodles: Payless Mami, Payless Pancit Shanghai

Nissin URC

URC manufactures and markets instant noodles in cups and pouches through its joint venture with Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.

Pouch Noodles: Nissin Yakisoba, Nissin Ramen
Cup Noodles: Nissin Cup Noodles, Nissin Yakisoba

Hunt’s URC

URC manufactures and markets tomato-based products, through its joint venture with Hunt-Wesson Inc. URC also manufactures and markets Swiss Miss products through this joint venture.

Canned Beans: Hunt’s Pork and Beans, Hunt’s Baked Beans
Sauces: Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce
Tomato Paste: Hunt’s Tomato Paste

URC-Export Division

Universal Robina Corporation brings the taste of Filipino goodness worldwide through the URC-Export Division. Well-loved Philippine products such as C2, Piattos, Nova, XO Candy, Mr. Chips and Magic Flakes are enjoyed by different markets in more than 50 countries. These include North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Myanmar, as well as various countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

URC-Export Division is one of URC's ways to uphold its commitment to deliver Philippine excellence to the rest of the world.