What to Expect During Your First Wall Climbing Experience

It’s easy to feel a little intimidated by wall climbing, but with a little introduction to this fun activity, you’ll realize that there’s no need to be. Wall climbing isn’t just about strength, it’s also about focus and strategy.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to your first wall climbing experience.

1. You can pick among different types of climbing.

There are different types of climbing, and it all depends on what floats your boat. One type is top-roping, where a partner (belayer) assists you with a rope as you climb taller walls. Belaying is a process used in climbing that allows someone to secure you from a fall. Bouldering, on the other, is rock climbing without ropes, but on shorter walls. Try them all to see which one you like most!

2. Proper climbing attire is important.

Most climbing gyms rent out climbing shoes or include it in their packages. They are specialized shoes that should be snug on your feet. If you have your own, you can do away with wearing socks. If they’re rented, go for thin socks.

You’d also want to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Think leggings or climbing shorts.

3. Learn the ropes.

If you’re top-roping, you would need a belayer to assist you. The rope is controlled by your partner through a process called belaying. Make sure that this is someone you trust. There are lessons to take to become a belayer, but most climbing places will have a belayer ready to assist you.

4. Take note of the safety precautions.

Some safety precautions will be briefed to you before your climb. Take these things to heart. Climbing gyms are usually well-equipped in keeping you safe, but always make sure to pay attention to your surroundings and ask questions if you have to.

5. It’s a great work-out!

While people might have the impression that it’s mostly-upper strength exercise, you actually benefit just as much, if not more, from leg strength. You use your upper body to pull yourself up, but you use your legs and your core to balance yourself out. All in all, it’s great for developing stamina, agility, balance and focus.

6. There are beginner and challenging routes.

Climbing gyms usually set up routes on the walls. You can find routes through same-colored holds, or sometimes, gyms would mark the holds with same-colored tapes to indicate a route. These routes are graded based on their difficulty. Start out with the easier ones as you build your strength. It takes time!

7. It’s outside of your comfort zone--and that’s great.

It’s normal to feel a little scared because climbing can get a little intimidating. But surviving your first experience will not just be great for your body, but especially for your confidence! Even small achievements prove to be rewarding at the end of the day, and it feels good to be proud of them.

And like most things, you get better with practice.

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