Watch out for the new Asobimashou Super Game Webshow

Experience the zany Japanese-inspired game show with the Asobimashou Super Game Show— a four-part online show from PaperbugTV, in partnership with noodle brand, Nissin Souper Meal. This game webshow promises a whole lot of fun and laughter with its larger than life obstacle courses and wacky challenges.

The exciting webshow aired its pilot episode last May 13, and will release three more episodes on PaperbugTV’s official YouTube channel and Bogart the Explorer’s Facebook page, week after week.

Asobimashou, which translates to “Let’s Play”, aims to bring the similar energy and quirky vibe that Japanese game shows are known for. “Asobimashou Super Game Show is our way of paying tribute to all those Japanese game shows we enjoyed, but with a very Pinoy twist,” said PaperbugTV executive producer, Jako de Leon.

The webshow featured celebrities and online sensations battling out on four levels of traditional Pinoy games with a Japanese twist. These include large-scale versions of classic Pinoy games, such as the Sungka obstacle course, as seen in the first episode. The challenges apply the original game mechanics with a Japanese twist. To amplify the Japanese vibe, Marco Ho, better known as Bogart the Explorer, played the role of a Japanese-speaking host, Hajime Santos.

PaperBugTV also partnered with Nissin, a true Japanese brand, to stay as close as possible to Japanese variety shows. This partnership brings in the X factor that legitimizes the attempt for a real Japanese game show.

Get your weekly dose of the wacky Japanese-inspired webshow, Asobimashou Super Game Show by visiting Paperbug’s YouTube channel, and Bogart the Explorer’s Facebook page,


Prepare to laugh and cheer with the Japanese-inspired webshow, Asobimashou Super Game Show. In the photo (center) is Marco Ho, more known as Bogart the Explorer, who plays web-original character of Hajime Santos, the chatty, Japanese-speaking gameshow host.