The Cool Mom’s Checklist To Throwing The Best Children’s Party

Kids’ birthday parties have already gone beyond the typical fried chicken and classic Pinoy spaghetti + hotdogs with marshmallows on sticks, within pabitins and the ever-so-confusing-for-kids longest Happy Birthday game. Nowadays, parents have taken the birthday party on a whole different level and made it an actual event with themed decorations, games, dress codes, and even menu. With all that pressure, you still don’t have to worry. Here’s a list to help you give your own kiddos a party that deserves its own trending hashtag.

What’s Trending?
Don’t confuse this with what’s trending on your personal Twitter accounts because what you need to find out here is what your kids are into these days. What are they watching? What are they craving for? What songs are they singing along or dancing to?

Knowing what currently piques the interest of your little ones and making that the overall theme of their birthday bash can help ensure your kids and all invited guests will have a blast. So we suggest paying extra attention to what puts a smile on their faces these days.

Location Check
Decide whether you prefer keeping the party at home or looking for a perfect venue for it. Since venue reservations may require a lead time, deciding early will help you secure the perfect venue for your chosen theme. On the other hand, you also have time to re-arrange some furniture, conduct an emergency general cleaning, and schedule grocery shopping days if you choose to throw it at home instead.

The important thing is you stick to the budget and the theme, of course.

Guest List
Prepare a list of invitees and do RSVPs. Make sure you keep your kids’ friends and favorite people on top of the guest list.
Having guests RSVP also helps you out in deciding the menu, the location, the games, and most especially, the loot bags. So don’t forget to send out Save The Dates before the actual invitations — we did say children’s parties are on a whole different level now, right?

Kid-Approved Menu
Even if we’re going beyond the typical birthday spaghetti, we can’t deny that kids love their pasta at parties. The key is adding a fun twist to pasta dishes by whipping out El Real pasta and experimenting on some Spaghetti and Meatball on a stick — it’s basically the classic spaghetti pasta wrapped around a stick, with a meatball stuck on top of it. There’s also the Hotdog Pasta you can make by sticking pasta on hotdogs before boiling them. You can even go the colourful route by trying out the El Real Rainbow Pasta which kids will surely adore. Score smiles from your kids by being extra creative with your colorful pasta dishes. Try making some of El Real’s recipes like the Fruity pasta and Brown Sugar pasta. Check out more recipe ideas at

Don’t forget to let your imagination shine through because creative ideas can make kids squeal and giggle in excitement at parties. Give them the time of their lives, and let yourself have a little fun while preparing everything as well. Remember, it’s all about making your sweet little kiddos happy so make them the priority in your preparations.