Skateboarding With Nova Life Active Pass

Jack ‘n Jill Nova, the guilt-free fiber-rich multigrain snack, encourages you to #LiveTheNovaLife and find the perfect fitness activity with the Nova Life Active Pass - a series of interactive and fun activities for you to try out.

This September, Nova offers skateboarding classes with its clinic entitled “Kick It: The Skateboard Experience”. Drop by with your friends at Vista Valley Executive Village Basketball Court in Marikina on September 17 to learn tips and tricks from Ragdoll Development, a group of multi-awarded skateboarding enthusiasts.
First-timers who want to learn about the sport and regular skaters who want to learn new tricks can attend the class by just bringing two small packs or one big pack of Nova, and presenting them at the venue.

Aside from Skateboarding, the Nova Life Active Pass will also hold Indoor Wall Climbing, Frisbee and Boxing classes from October to December. To learn more about the activities, follow Nova Phil on Facebook.


A member of the skateboarding group Ragdoll Development demonstrates tricks to the students at Jack ‘n Jill Nova’s skateboarding clinic called “Kick It: The Skateboarding Experience” at Vista Valley Executive Village Basketball Court in Marikina.