Shifudo Squid Chips makes a big splash in the seafood snack scene

Pinoys love seafood and it comes as no surprise that this flavor is also quite popular when it comes to snack products. Capturing the flavors of seafood favorites is Jack ‘n Jill’s new snack brand, Shifudo Squid Chips.

Taking inspiration from authentic squid flakes, each chip is covered in a spicy squid glaze to capture the actual taste of this delicacy. These bite-sized nibbles are conveniently packaged in solo and buddy packs.

Whether at home watching your favorite shows, in the office for a mid-day break, or on a road trip to the beach, Shifudo Squid Chips make for one tasty snack companion.

Snackers will surely get excited with the one-of-a-kind Jack ‘n Jill Shifudo Squid Chips, available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Experience Exciting Seafood Snacking with the new Jack 'n Jill Shifudo Squid Chips.