Lines to Use on Your Crush the Next Time You See Them 

Don’t know what to say to your crush when you see them? We got you covered! Learn these pick-up lines that are as easy as ABC:

1. When your crush is introduced to you: “Earthquake ba ‘yun? Coz when I saw you, I was shookt.”
2. And the next time you see him or her: “Dati gusto lang kita ma-meet. Ngayon gusto na kitang makamit.”
3. Have that extra ‘oompf’ factor and be remembered with this banat: “May mali ba sa akin? Hayaan mo na, may tama naman ako sa’yo.”

4. When you see your crush feeling down: “On a scale of one to ten, always remember you’re an 11.”

5. It’s rainy season once again! In case your crush gets sick because of the bad weather: “May sakit ka ba? ‘Yakap-sule’ at ‘Kiss-pirin’ lang gamot diyan.”

6. If your phone’s map application is not working, maybe you can ask directions from your crush: “Balak ko lang tumawid ka sa isip ko pero dumiretso ka sa puso ko.”

7. If you happen to be in a restaurant with him or her, keep it real: “Diet? Ngiti mo pa lang busog na ako.”

8. Looking for a gym buddy? Ask your crush instead: “Pwede ka ba makasama sa gym? Para maging fit tayo together.”

9. And should you get injured during an intense workout session, let him or her know you’re fine: “Yung ngiti mo pa lang, na-rescue mo na ako… BAEyani ka!”

10. When you’re simply feeling extra bold: “Forget ‘friends forever’ kasi malay mo tayo na later.”

11. It pays to be optimistic, so just go for it: “You’re my ‘shur na shur’ in this world full of ‘char lang’.”

If you’re too shy to say these lines out loud, don’t fret! You can hand them Hello! Chocolate bars where you can find these pick-up lines printed on its packs! 

So, go on and make your crush feel #ChocKilig!