Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels: new look, same choco goodness

A snack that never grows old, Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels, now comes in a hip new packaging. This yummy treat offers the same choco goodness for fun snacking experience that both parents and kids can enjoy together.

With its crispy pretzels covered in rich chocolate, Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels is a delicious snack parents can share with their children. To make it even more appealing to the new generation of kids, Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels now comes in a more modern and vibrant look.

Add delicious enjoyment to family activities with Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels, available in its new packaging of 28g pouches for only P5.50 (SRP) and 40g boxes for only P10 (SRP) in supermarkets and groceries nationwide.