Ideas To Keep You Happy Even When It's Gloomy Outside

Being stuck indoors during rainy days can be boring--but only if you keep it that way. There are actually a lot of things to keep yourself entertained when it’s pouring hard out!

1. Take a trip down memory lane and go through old photo albums. There’s nothing like the patter of rain outside to make one feel nostalgic. Laugh at your goofy baby pictures and marvel at your grandparents’ retro OOTDs! Learn about the stories and conversations behind every shot.

2. Tidy up. Vacuum every nook and cranny, organize your wardrobe, and rearrange the furniture. Sort out things you don’t need or want anymore, and put them in a donation box you can bring out when the sun’s out again.

3. Read the book that’s been catching dust on the shelf. If you’ve been too preoccupied on regular days to finish that novel, now’s the time! Sit cozy on the couch and keep yourself warm with a cup of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.

4. Work out. If you missed out on your morning run because of the rain, don’t worry. There’s plenty of exercise you can do at home. Do some stretches, yoga or pilates, and if you have some weights, you can even do circuit training. For something quick, search for instructions on simple 7-minute or 15-minute workouts.

5. Get busy with arts and crafts. Having the soothing sounds of rain in the background can do wonders to your creativity. Pair this with some doodling, painting, or scrapbook-making, and you’re in for quite a relaxing and productive day.

6. Do a marathon. There’s nothing better than a rainy day to keep you free from distractions and really allow you to watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of the show you’ve been meaning to watch for months. Make this “me” time more enjoyable with Jack ‘n Jill Piattos.

7. If you’re stuck indoors with other people, bring out some good ol’ board games and get competitive. You can throw in silly prizes like a P20 bill, or that last slice of pizza in the fridge.

8. Build a fort. Make a fortress with blankets and pillows for an extra layer of insulation from the cold outside. Snuggle inside as you play games, watch movies, read a book, and even nap.

Remember to stay safe, dry, and most of all, have fun!