Granny Goose POP'N CHIPS doubles the excitement in one awesome snack

Having a tough time choosing between popcorn and chips for snack time? Now these two favorite snacks can be enjoyed in one awesome combo with the new Granny Goose POP'N CHIPS.

With the newest snacking innovation from Granny Goose, one does not have to pick between chips or popcorn because POP'N CHIPS combines the goodness of these two favorites in one superb snack. POP'N CHIPS is made of a corn snack that's popped — similar to popcorn, giving it a deliciously unique texture you'll surely crave for.

Whether as a delectable companion for a movie date or a yummy complement to board game night, Granny Goose POP'N CHIPS is the crazy good snacking buddy for an exciting time with friends. It comes in two mouthwatering flavors, Jalapeño & Cheese and Sour Cream, snack lovers will surely enjoy.

Bite into the best of both all-time snacking favorites with Granny Goose POP'N CHIPS, available for only P12 (SRP) in leading groceries & supermarkets now!