Experience the joy of snacking anytime, anywhere with URC Grab ‘n Go Trucks

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) continues to give fun and excitement to snack-loving Filipinos as it rolls out its Grab ‘n Go Trucks.
Grab ‘n Go Trucks provides another exciting way to embrace the fun side of life by bringing well-loved C2 Cool and Clean; Jack ‘n Jill products such as Chippy, Piattos, Nova, Magic Crackers, Cloud 9, Cream-O and Wafrets; and other URC products closer to more Filipinos, wherever they are.
To bring an enjoyable snack time to everyone, URC will take three of its Grab ‘n Go Trucks to school fairs, festivals, summer destinations, and barangays in Luzon.
Get a taste of your favorite snacks and drinks, and watch out as the Grab ‘n Go Trucks start to make their way to Luzon this May.

AN EXCITING SNACKTIME EXPERIENCE: Grab ‘n Go Trucks carry a wide array of well-loved delicious URC snacks and refreshments to bring fun to more people, wherever they are.