Cream-Oholics gathered for the 3rd Cream-O Flix Fest

Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O gave chocolate cookie fans another unique outdoor experience as it held its third Cream-O Flix Fest last April 6.

Themed “Collect Happiness”, Cream-O Flix Fest offered Cream-Oholics a fun-filled day of watching movies, playing games, and eating Cream-O cookies.

Cream-Oholics flocked to the Quezon Memorial Circle and were welcomed in a cozy lounge set-up fit for a relaxing movie experience. They were greeted by vibrant, colorful décor and various activity booths: Cream-Ofied Creations, Happiness Studio, Cream-O OOTD Photo Booth, Pachink-O, Tic-Tac-O, and Cream-O Movie Combo.

The highlight of the event was the free outdoor movie marathon. Cream-Oholics lounged on plush beanbags and were entertained by blockbuster movies such as Kung Fu Panda 3, X-Men: Apocalypse, and The Greatest Showman. It wasn’t just a movie screening as Cream-Oholics had fun lining up in Cream-Ofied Creations Booth to customize their favorite Cream-O cookies using various dips, toppings, and drizzles. From strawberry jam, to jelly beans—and even almonds, Cream-Oholics enjoyed jazzing up their Cream-O cookie as they wished. Their creations were then put on display at the Happiness Studio where they photographed their masterpiece with an assortment of props on decorative tables.

Guests actively lined-up at the Pachink-O, Tic-Tac-O, and Cream-O Movie Combo booths and walked away with a handful of freebies being given away. In the Cream-OOTD booth, people struck poses and happy smiles against the very colorful and Instagrammable set up.

Cream-O made the event more exceptional as in between movies, Issa Rodriguez serenaded the audience with her music. At the end of the night, lucky raffle winners took home Fujifilm Instax cameras.

It was indeed a fun-filled day full of smiles as attendees went home with Cream-O goodies and a very satisfied sweet tooth.

So, in case you missed the fun, catch more exciting updates from the brand on Cream-O’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.