Cloud 9 Moment

Life brings special moments to everyone. Be it a simple, positive gesture from a stranger, marking a significant life event, or even reaching a milestone achievement—anything that makes one feel extremely happy is a guaranteed Cloud 9 Moment. And these moments are best cherished when paired with delicious Cloud 9 chocolate bars.

Throughout the years, Cloud 9’s chocolate goodness has elevated how Filipinos enjoy their own special moments. As it continues to encourage people to capture and share the things that bring them positive vibes, Cloud 9 launches the Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment Campaign. This aims to collect millions of happy moments and showcase these for everyone to celebrate and be inspired by.

Indeed, there is always something to celebrate in life and there are always Cloud 9 Moments waiting to happen. And as the brand continues to deliver feel-good chocolate goodness to every Filipino, it offers a variety of flavors that you can choose from such as Cloud 9 Classic, White, Choco Fudge, Overload and Salted Caramel.

With your all-time favorite chocolate bar, be part of the nationwide Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment campaign. Share your Cloud 9 Moments photos through your Facebook or other Instagram accounts using the official hashtag #Cloud9Moment and get a chance to win special prizes from the brand. Just follow @Cloud9Chocolate on Facebook for more details.


Enjoy that Cloud 9 Moment with the feel-good chocolate goodness of Cloud 9.