Capture and share that special #Cloud9Moment

Each year ushers in significant moments that make our lives even more meaningful: the sweet reunion with an old friend, the much-awaited promotion, the romantic first kiss, the birth of a new family member. These are some of the many feel-good experiences or ‘Cloud 9 moments’ that we can treasure.
What better way to appreciate and celebrate these ‘Cloud 9 moments’ than to capture and share them with the world. For the third year of its Cloud 9 Moments campaign, Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 invites everyone to share life’s remarkable events with the “What’s Your Cloud 9 Moment?” online promo.
To join, simply upload on your Facebook a photo or video of your ‘Cloud 9 moment’. Include a caption that tells the story behind it, post it with the hashtag #Cloud9Moment, and tag Jack ‘n Jill’s Cloud 9’s Facebook page (@Cloud9Chocolate).
Spread good vibes by telling the world about your #Cloud9Moment. Join “What’s Your Cloud 9 Moment?” online promo for a chance to win amazing prizes.
Cherish every feel-good moment and celebrate them with Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9’s delicious chocolate bars that are loaded with soft nougat, crunchy peanuts and luscious caramel. Bite into the rich milk chocolate goodness of Cloud 9 Classic or enjoy the creamy white chocolate taste of Cloud 9 White. Revel with the double chocolate treat of Cloud 9 Choco Fudge or delight in a bar of nutty goodness of Cloud 9 Overload.         
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Jack ‘n Jill Cloud 9 showcased the road to success and #Cloud9Moment of an award-winning dance group on its latest online video.