Blazing the Paperless Trail: JG Summit and its BUs' Annual Reports Go Digital

JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGSHI) and all of its listed Business Units (BU) namely, Universal Robina Corp. (URC), Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) and Cebu Air, Inc. (Cebu Pacific), are moving into the future for this year’s Annual Stockholders Meetings as the traditional printed annual report will be nowhere in sight. Instead, shareholders and other interested parties will be able to access the digital version on their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

This initiative aligns with the conglomerate’s push to become the leading digital conglomerate in the Philippines with an established and viable global presence.

Mike P. Liwanag, Senior Vice-President Investor Relations & Special Projects of JG Summit Holdings, Inc., addressed this development in a statement. “This simple gesture to reduce dependence on paper for annual reports and bypass the printing process altogether bodes well with our drive in embracing Sustainability.  We want to limit the use of scarce resources while all at the same time with the use of digital, make our reports conveniently accessible to our stakeholders,” said Liwanag.

This new content delivery efficiency will enable better user experience and help reduce carbon footprint as the company’s 2018 Annual Report will not be printed anymore. Instead it will be presented as a microsite that can be accessed via a link found in each of the respective company’s website through a PC and mobile.

The digital annual report holds other advantages over its print counterpart. Besides the obvious environmental impact of having to cut fewer trees to produce the paper required for the reports, significant reductions in printing, delivery, and distribution costs are expected too, not to mention a reduced carbon footprint. The online report will be user friendly as well, allowing readers to search for relevant information or data quickly via a menu bar and quick links --- something that was often difficult to do with the traditional bulky printed report, which relied on a general index or table of contents.

As it will be hosted online, accessibility to the report will be greater than ever before. It is expected to deliver more engagement by making it easier for the company to share its goals, objectives, and values, and making it simpler for people to keep track of developments in one of the country’s biggest conglomerates and in all its different business units.

To view the URC Annual Report, click here
To view the Robinsons Land Corporation Annual Report, click here.
To view the Cebu Pacific Annual Report, click here.

JG Summit’s digital AR microsite will be accessible by tomorrow, May 30, in time for its Annual Stockholders Meeting.