6 Tips to Keeping Cool and Refreshed During Your Next Adventure

Thinking about your next adventure already? We can’t blame you! There’s just so much to do and so many wonders to explore in the country. Whether you’re itching for a hike, a road trip, or a beach trip, it’s important to consider the weather when planning, especially in hot weather climate like the Philippines.

We’ve rounded up some tips to keep you cool and fresh on your next adventure. Make sure to remember these and you’re sure to have a stress-free and fun-filled time with friends and family!

  1. Get an early start or leave late. The heat tends to peak midday, so it might be best to get up early for your trip or wait until late before heading out. This way, you get to enjoy the cooler moments of the day.
  2. Moisturize! As soon as you get out of the shower and before you start your adventure, make sure to moisturize to keep your body from drying out. Consider using light moisturizers instead of the usual lotion, and rub small amounts on your body while you’re still damp. Stick to citrusy and flowery scents versus heavy scents like vanilla as these can make you feel more relaxed.
  3. Apply cool on your pressure points! Feel instantly cooler by getting access to some ice and applying it on your pressure points like your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles, or behind your knees. If you don’t have ice, you can use a cold bottle instead.
  4. Ditch the dark-colored clothes and jeans and opt to wear loose, light clothes. Especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, be sure to avoid dark-colored clothes as it attracts more heat. Pack plenty of cotton and breathable materials, too!
  5. Get yourself a spray bottle and fill it with cold water. Pack it with you on your trip and just spray to yourself whenever you feel like you’re starting to overheat.
  6. Be sure to bring a refreshing drink with you! Feel amazing instantly anytime of the day! Stay cool by drinking lots of fluids like C2 Cool and Clean. This naturally refreshing drink is made from 100% Natural Green Tea Leaves, Brewed and Bottled on the Same Day!

Now, it’s time to plan your next adventure while keeping these tips in mind. Remember, the best way to have a great time is to keep yourself cool and refreshed.